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Environmental Policy

Our objective is to create a climate of excellence not only in our products and/or services, but also for our employees, persons affected by our activities and the environment. In order to achieve this the following policy has been established.

Our Environmental Policy commits the organisation at all levels to ensure that we:-

1. Identify any risk of pollution arising from any of our activities, products and/or services, which shall then be either eliminated or effectively controlled to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements relating to the environment.

2. Reduce to a minimum unnecessary use of materials, resources and energy. Reduce to a minimum the environmental effect on all future developments and carry out an appraisal of the environmental effect of sourcing of raw material.

3. Reduce waste to the lowest practicable level ensuring responsible disposal of waste created and received, undertaking environmental audits, measuring the results against established targets.

4. Advocate employee involvement in all environmental matters, providing suitable training and support to all employees with regard to this environmental policy.

5. Minimise the adverse environmental effects caused as a result of our activities, products and/or services.

6. Ensure that any persons working on our behalf are made aware of and agree to comply with this policy.

7. Seek to ensure that products and/or services supplied or provided by third parties can be used, handled, stored and disposed of in a manner which safeguards the environment and the health and safety of all.

8. Ensure engines are switched off when stationary. Prevent fuel wastage thus minimising dangerous environmental effects.

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